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Best Aerial Ocean Views over Maui Hawaii

Want to see whales breeching, the worlds tallest sea cliffs and emerald-green rainforests, all within one hour?  Then hop aboard a first-class ride in the sky and get ready to have your socks blown off! Each [...]

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Wildest Whale Watch EVER!

We've been on countless whale watching trips in Maui waters: large catamarans, fast rafts, sailing charters, kayaks, snorkeling, from the beach and from the cliffs. But nothing compares to a spearfishing trip on a small [...]

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Salty Ceremonies on Maui

While weddings in Hawaii are most often located on the shores of sprawling golden sand beaches or lawns of pristine resorts, there's an alternative not many couples consider - a boat! Hosting your wedding ceremony and/or reception aboard [...]

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All About Molokini’s Back Wall

Arrive on Maui’s leeward side and it may be impossible to tear your eyes away from Molokini—a small, horseshoe-shaped landmass that rests between Makena and the outlying island of Kaho’olawe. Roughly two and a half [...]

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Some Of The Most Common Fish You’ll See In Maui Waters

Guest Author: Susan Baker Aside from the Dolphins and turtles that you will frequently see on tours, you will be able to see a few special marine types in their vibrant ecosystems while snorkeling in [...]

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Fish of the Month: Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

Much of the Hawaiian language is so beautiful it stops newcomers in their tracks. Mahalo, kokua, pono, keiki, kuleana—and who would ever be able to forget the oh-so-ubiquitous, meaningful-on-multiple-levels aloha? But hear the name of [...]

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