Visit our volcanic atoll just off the south coast of Maui, Hawaii.  Come experience clarity and ocean life like you’ve never seen while snorkeling and scuba diving at Molokini Crater! 

See our most recent Molokini photos from Redline Rafting and others.

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Molokini Crater is home for Maui residents and visitors looking for the best snorkeling clarity as well as protected ocean and bird life.  Come scuba, snuba, snorkel and/or whale watch in season at Molokini Crater!

A Brief History of Molokai

A Brief History of Molokai

From lush, razor-backed mountains to some of the largest sea cliffs in the world, it’s no wonder...

Best Aerial Ocean Views over Maui Hawaii

Best Aerial Ocean Views over Maui Hawaii

Want to see whales breeching, the worlds tallest sea cliffs and emerald-green rainforests, all within one hour?  Then hop aboard a first-class ride...

Spectacular New Molokini Photos

Spectacular New Molokini Photos

We saw these photos from Redline Rafting, and we had to share them.  You can't really beat Molokini in the afternoon with no wind and no one around....

Skyline Hawaii
Skyline Hawaii

History of Molokini

From Lava to Life

Molokini Crater is what’s left from an eruption that is said to have occurred around 230,000 years ago. The cinder cone created has since been eroded to a crescent atoll.

Since it’s violent volcanic creation, Molokini Crater has served as a useful place for marine life, bird life and humans (for good and bad.)

The little, uninhabited island has been fished, bombed, and finally protected.


Boat Transportation

No, you can’t swim to Molokini Crater.  There are 3 main areas that boats depart from.  Makena and Kihei Boat Ramp are some of the closest.  Maalaea Harbor is where most boats leave from, which is convenient and not far from Molokini.

Pacific Whale Foundation Snorkeling Molokini
Redline Snorkeling Molokini
Kai Kanani Snorkeling Molokini
Calypso Snorkeling Molokini
Trilogy Snorkeling Molokini
Four Winds Snorkeling Molokini

Activities at the Crater

Though every talks about Molokini Snorkeling, there’s plenty more to experience. 


Why is Molokini is famous for scuba diving?  Not only are the calm, clear waters within the crater great for exploration, but the backside offers a wall dive dropping hundreds of feet!

Molokini Scuba Diving
snorkeling at Molokini Crater


Most Molokini Crater visitors come to snorkel the clear waters and protected ocean life.  Snorkel boats have everything you’d need to enjoy this incredible spot.  

snorkeling at Molokini Crater


For those looking for more depth but aren’t scuba certified, some Molokini snorkeling boats offer SNUBA.  Try your hand at breathing underwater without the weight of the tank.

Snuba Diving Molokini Maui

Dive Spots

How do the different dive sites at Molokini compare?  We share about each snorkeling and scuba location at Molokini Carter.