Molokini Dive Spots

Learn about each dive site at Molokini Crater.

Dissecting Molokini

The following Molokini infographic shows the best snorkeling and scuba diving locations at Molokini Crater in Maui Hawaii with descriptions of each dive spot. Below we list the Quicksilver, Tako Flats, Middle Reef, Reef’s End, Shark Condos, Enenue, Flying Sea Cliffs, The Back Side of Molokini, and Edge of the World.

Molokini Crater Dive Sites

Redline Snorkeling Molokini
Redline Snorkeling Molokini

Molokini Crater Dive Sites


The following Molokini dive sites correspond with the numbers in the Molokini graphic above.


  1. YOUR BOAT – In order to get to Molokini, you’ll have to take one of the many boats leaving from Ma’alaea, Makena, or Kihei.
  2. TAKO FLATS – A sand channell with coral heads, Tako Flats is a great place to find octopus and the occasional manta ray.
  3. MIDDLE REEF – Home to many variety of tropical Hawaiian fish, the protected Middle Reef is made up of mostly hard corals.
  4. REEF’S END – Molokini Crater sinks into the ocean and continues for around 200 yards.  Strong currents are closer to the end.
  5. SHARK CONDOS – Deep down around 130 feet, you’ll find harmless reef sharks taking refuge in the cascading caves.
  6. ENENUE – A gentle slope that continues for 60 feet.  Closer to the crater wall, you’ll find abundant schools of butterfly fish.
  7. FLYING SEA CLIFFS – Scuba divers love the many hanging shelves sitting at 50 feet, and below this is another 80 feet of wall.
  8. THE BACK SIDE – The entire back side of Molokini Crater is for experienced divers who enjoy drifts and wall dives.
  9. EDGE OF THE WORLD – Dropping to a depth of 150 feet, this area is in constant shadow, bringing out exotic ocean life.
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