Want to see whales breaching, the world’s tallest sea cliffs, and emerald-green rainforests, all within one hour?  Then hop aboard a first-class ride in the sky and get ready to have your socks blown off!

Each year, over 2 million visitors make their way to the tropical island of Maui.  Most of these visitors rent a canary yellow Jeep, spending most of their time and money on guided tours through the jungle, across the ocean and up to the top of the crater.  If you’re looking for a new way to see the sights, we’re here to point you in the right direction!

Helicopter Tours Maui

An aerial adventure is right for you if…

*You want to see the sights comfortably

Crammed into a rental car or a tour bus isn’t everyone’s cup of whiskey.  If you’d prefer to have legroom and a window seat to one of the most spectacular views, you should consider an aerial trip!

scenic Maui flight lesson

Watch the grasslands of the central valley give way to the rich, uncharted rainforest of East Maui as you learn how to pilot a Cessna with Fly Maui. Learn how to take off the plane from Kahului Airport, then thrum your way towards Hana and take in some of Maui’s most mind-blowing sights. Gaze into gaping valleys, discover unseen waterfalls, and behold enthralling views of some of Hana’s best attractions, such as Waiʻānapanapa State Park, Hana Bay, the gravesite of Charles Lindbergh, and Fagan’s Cross. From there, head back to Kahului Airport, but not before checking the surf near Pa’ia Town.

aerial flight Maui


*You want to see it all

There just isn’t enough time to see Molokini, the Haleakala Crater, and drive the Road to Hana for hidden waterfalls in one day if you are car-bound.  But on a flight, you don’t need to follow the rules of the road or the slow drivers, and they’re able to zip from one view to the next without breaking a sweat. And after your Maui tour, you’ll still make it back to your hotel in time for a Mai Tai at sunset!

Helicopter Tours Maui


*You don’t want to worry about directions or getting lost while sight-seeing

With street names like Kaupakalua and Hamakuapoko, even Siri has a hard time figuring out how to give directions.  But with a helicopter tour, you only need to find your way to the airport.  Your expert pilot will take it from there and guide you to some of the most incredible sights on Maui.  Blue Hawaiian only hires the cream of the crop, so you are in very experienced hands on your tour!

Helicopter Tours Maui


*You want to see something special

Many people follow the same well-worn path to see the sights of Maui.  If you want to see something different, you’ll have to take a different path.  With a helicopter tour, you’re able to see sights that are only available from an aerial view.  Many of the hidden valleys and waterfalls are inaccessible from the road, and even if you could somehow get to them, their true majesty is lost looking at them from the ground level.

Hana aerial views


*You want a once-in-a-lifetime experience

A helicopter tour affords you more than just a spectacular view.  You’ll get an intimate tour with an expert pilot whose vast knowledge of the island and sights are worth more than the ticket price of the ride!  These memories will last long after your lei has dried up.

Helicopter Tours Maui


An aerial flight may not be for you if…

*You hate flying

Something funny happens in paradise.  Some visitors think their preferences at home might change on vacation, like a shellfish allergy or an aversion to rum.  If you hate flying, there is a good chance you may not enjoy a helicopter tour.  However, if you’re on the fence about flying, give the tour a try, and you might find out you actually like flying!  Especially when it’s a first-class flight on an Eco-Star helicopter.

Helicopter Tour Maui


*You have the mother of all hangovers

Sadly, not even the leading-edge technology of Maui helicopters will save you.  The smooth ride and less-than-optimal weather capabilities of these helicopters can’t take away the queasy from a passenger.

Helicopter Tours Maui


*You’re unimpressed by pods of whales, 10,000-foot craters that look like the moon or the largest rainforest in the United States

99.9% of every guest that boards a helicopter spend their tour awe-struck.  If you’re one of the .1% that is thoroughly unimpressed with Mother Nature’s most epic works of art, then you’d be better off holing yourself in your hotel room and watching a movie with the blinds tightly drawn to make sure the gorgeous sunshine doesn’t sneak in and remind you that you’re in paradise.

An aerial flight is one of the most magical ways to see Maui, and it will probably end up being the memory that makes your vacation extraordinary.