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Fish of the Month: Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

Much of the Hawaiian language is so beautiful it stops newcomers in their tracks. Mahalo, kokua, pono, keiki, kuleana—and who would ever be able to forget the oh-so-ubiquitous, meaningful-on-multiple-levels aloha? But hear the name of [...]

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Scuba Diving at St. Anthony’s Wreck

Ever dream of scuba diving a sunken ship in tropical waters?  Our friend Trevor Boyce, from the Mill House Restaurant, went last week and got some great footage and photos from his dive at the [...]

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South Maui Weddings

We've listed some of our favorite spots to get married as well as great vendors for your wedding day on Maui. Wailea Weddings When it comes to getting married in Maui, Wailea is the most [...]

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Father’s Day Maui Treasure Hunt

Happy Father's Day, everyone! I thought I'd share a fun thing I did for my wife and kids recently, in hopes that it inspires dads to do something different and create some memories they won't [...]

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Favorite Maui Ocean & Surf Instagram Accounts

We love Instagram.  We tend to follow Hawaii residents, artists and surfers.  It's going to sound weird, but we're proud of the curated list of 1000 people we follow.  Very interesting content.  But since Instagram [...]

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Debra Lumpkins and the Japanese tradition of Gyotaku

Debra Lumpkins turns her snorkels into art through the Japanese tradition of Gyotaku Gyotaku is the traditional art of fish printing. The origins of Gyotaku can be traced back to the mid-1800’s where Japanese fisherman [...]

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