We saw these recent photos from Redline Rafting, and we had to share them.  You can’t really beat Molokini in the afternoon with no wind and no one around.  Doesn’t get better than that!

molokini reef

This shows the Reef’s End with a pretty outstanding perspective.  The last time we snorkeled here, it was our favorite part.  The reef comes up pretty close to the surface (around 10-20 feet at spots).  This makes for sunlight making the reef really vibrant.  Gorgeous!

molokini photos

Here you can imagine just how deep the backside is.  You can just see the drop off below the surface.

Molokini Maui

Now you see why we love these Molokini photos.  This one shows Maui’s south shore in the background, along with Haleakala.

Molokini Crater Photo

Thank you, Redline, for sharing these beautiful photos!  You can book them online by visiting Redline Rafting or calling (808) 892-3177.