We love Instagram.  We tend to follow Hawaii residents, artists and surfers.  It’s going to sound weird, but we’re proud of the curated list of 1000 people we follow.  Very interesting content.  But since Instagram decided to prioritize our feeds with only posts they algorithmically think we’d be most interested in, we see a lot less of what we love.  Here, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite Maui Instagram accounts that primarily focus on ocean photography and videos.  Hopefully Instagram won’t bury them in our feed.


Mark hang 5 @livelovehonolua #doomaphotos

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Marc Chambers @mauimarcc

@elihanneman & @shaun_ward basking in Maui’s summer playground. #hawaii #surf

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AdamEKlevin @aqua_atom


Stu Soley @stu_soley

“Kiss The Sky” 16×24 off the wall special for this particular metal print. First come first serve! @soleyaloha @mauitropicalplantation @millhousemaui #maui #hawaii #hawaiiinstagram #mauiinstagram #mauiphotography #mauifineart #shopmaui #mauishopping #instamaui #mauinokaoi #mauivibes #aloha #mauilife #stu_soley

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Michael Stuart @stu_visuals

I wish I could have a consistent job shooting surfing. Said every surf photog ever. 😂 I’ll still shoot surfing till I die. The reality of making a living on it though is long gone. Not that I’d be 🥜 or anything but.. It’d be cool. @sal_lagattuta linking up this past Saturday, pulled em too! (Link in bio) #akm

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The Salty Stoke @the_salty_stoke



Dan Norkunas & Albee Layer @takeshelterprod



CUDA Shots @cuda_shots

#808 , #hawaii , #maui , #waves , #canonofficial , #canon1dx , #canon70to200mm , #cudashots

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Aldo Nino Tassara @puredigitalmedia

💦👣💦👣💦👣💦👣💦#longboarding #surfing #hawaii

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Island Surfboard Rentals @islandsurfboardrentals

@island_surfboard_rentals #honoluabay #maui #hawaii #surf #aloha #travel #lifestyle

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We’ll add more accounts as we go, but these are just a few of our favorite off the top of our heads.  ALOHA!